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There are many benefits to consuming the dried apricot, which is a summer fruit. These benefits range from shiny skin to healthy mouth and teeth. Dried apricots, which are recommended to be consumed regularly by experts, have many other benefits. First of all, dried apricots are a complete diet food. When we want to lose weight, thanks to dried apricots, we pass our sweet need by taking the least calories. There are 250 calories in an average of 100 grams of dried apricots. In addition, it gives a feeling of satiety for a long time with its high fiber content. Dried apricots, which are consumed regularly while dieting, also help to lose weight.

Dried apricots contain high levels of vitamin A. This is very important for vision, reproduction and a healthy skin. One of the other important benefits of dried apricots is that it increases breast milk. It also positively affects the regeneration of the liver.

We, as the "Hittite Food" family, are a Turkish export company that exports apricots grown under suitable conditions and dried under healthy conditions. In addition, we also export apricot kernel, one of the other by-products of apricots. It is known that apricot kernels are at least as good as dried apricots. We will give information about this subject in our other article.

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